Located along the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is a beautiful place to live, visit, work, and play. Known for its brewing traditions, you'll find delicious breweries at every turn that makes for a wonderful time in a Milwaukee party bus. Whatever you're here to do, Milwaukee Limo has got you covered when it comes to transportation in this beautiful city. Do you want to know more about our party buses? Check out our party bus page!

Milwaukee Limousine is here to provide top of the line transportation services no matter your itinerary, budget, or group size. We're happy to provide our services for any event, no matter what. Our trained and professional employees can guide you through the entire process quickly and efficiently. They're here to answer your questions and provide to you amazing service that you'll be sure to remember. It's why we have so many returning clients!

Our booking agents are available at any time to give you quotes or to help answer any questions you may have. If the mood strikes for a limo bus at 2 in the morning for an upcoming event, we will answer the phone to give you a quote so that you know how much it'll cost you. When you call, please tell us the date of service you want, the time of service, number of passengers and a pick up location. This will allow the booking agent to give you an accurate quote so you know exactly how much it would be. Don't forget that you can always divide the cost up with your other passengers making it really affordable to everyone.

We'd love to take care of you, no matter what type of event it is that you are planning to attend. It doesn't matter if you're having a small get-together or a large blow-out, we've got you covered! Tons of different vehicles to choose from and a wonderful staff to take care of you. We really do have it all. We do a lot of weddings, nights out, school dances, and sporting events, but you are by no means limited to just those events or even just to the areas listed in our service area. We do our best to work with you to take you anywhere you want to go, so simply give us a call if you do not see your desired cities listed on that page. Also, if you are planning a group trip, we have the perfect charter buses for you!

We work hard to ensure that you'll be able to afford a trip with us, and we have a lot of tips that we can share with you on how to save money when utilizing our type of travel. Of course, number one is to split the cost among all your passengers. That makes the cost nearly minuscule and then everyone in the group feels that they were at least partially responsible for the amazing time that you had on the road! Beyond that, you can book your trip on off-peak days of the week, days of the year, or even hours of the day when possible. Our busier times are of course more expensive, primarily because of the increased traffic, which increases fuel costs. But since we do our pricing on a sliding scale, you never pay for more than you receive. Our Milwaukee Party Bus Prices ensures full relaxation because you get friendly rates for a stunning experience on the road. Give us a call and we can help you to further save money when traveling with us.

Are you ready to book, or do you want to know more about our company? You can call or email us at any time, and our talented customer service agents will take care of you. Any time, day or night, we're here to take your call or answer your email.

wedding couple in a garden Weddings The best day of your life deserves the best transportation you can get. Gorgeous vehicles, special wedding packages, and the kind of treatment that you thought you could only get at a royal wedding. We are the premier wedding transportation for this area and we look forward to making your special day truly unforgettable. Call Milwaukee Limousine today.
woman whispering secrets to a man NIGHTS OUT Your nights out should be filled with fun and drinking. Get home safely with transportation from us. You won't have to put the bottle away when you are on the road with us because you're legally allowed to stock the bar with alcoholic beverages and party it up while our chauffeur drives you around! You can sip between bars and keep the party going!
ladies dancing to the floor SCHOOL DANCES Relax knowing your teenagers and friends are getting to and from the dance safely and responsibly. Enjoy a worry-free night while your kids are on the road, knowing that a professional chauffeur is taking care of them while you enjoy a quiet night at home. Or maybe you'd like to rent another one of our buses while they're out and party it up as well!
baseball field with audience SPORTING EVENTS Get ready to cheer your team on instead of getting frustrated with the traffic and finding parking. You can bring your own cooler and drinks on board to enjoy, and you're welcome to decorate the buses with sports memorabilia if you really want to feel like a super fan! Enjoy your tailgating experience in a very VIP way with us! Celebrate that win!